How To Profit From Stocks Forming Cup Patterns

We’ve shown you how to profit from short-sell set-ups the past two weeks.  But the next pattern that will yield profits in the near future is the Coming Up The Right Side Of The Cup pattern which we’ll talk about and show you current and past examples of here.

When we talk about issues Coming Up The Right Side of a cup understand that there can be no cup until you have an actually bottom of a cup.  Take a look at a few examples from the past of what we are talking about.

Now let’s take a look at a few current names:


Add our current position NQ to this list too.

So here we are stacked in cash after locking some nice gains on the short side. From here we are going to be looking for long side names that we can work with over the coming days. We suspect from here it’s going to be more of a market of stocks focus for a little while with something for everyone both long and short.