Another Important Stock You’ve Never Heard Of

Today’s chart is another example of how things are much “less bad” than pessimists would have you believe.
Over the past four months, we’ve run many charts that display how the U.S. economy – while not “great” – is getting “less bad.” For example, we’ve noted price strength in the important U.S. financial stock fund (XLF), Home Depot, and transportation stocks. We’ve also noted the important uptrend in Wyndham Worldwide, the world’s largest hotel operator.  
Because hotel occupancy reflects travel and business activity, we’ve called Wyndham “one of the most important stocks you’ve never heard about.” Place Taubman Centers (TCO) in the same file…  
Taubman Centers is one of America’s largest shopping mall companies. It counts Macy’s, Apple, and Nordstrom among its tenants. As you can see from our chart below, folks are getting to the mall and spending money. Taubman shares have climbed from $40 to $70 in the past two years… and just struck a new 52-week high. No one knows exactly how long it will last, but the trend in shopping is up… and it is strong.