Something Every Trader Needs to See to Survive 2016

The past year and a half has been unkind to traditional buy-and-hold investors. Despite massive swings, the market is basically trading where it was 18 months ago.

And considering we’re facing the potential end of a massive, seven-year bull market (the third-longest in history) — not to mention the upcoming U.S. presidential election, potential interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, worsening European economies, falling oil prices and shrinking corporate profits — this volatility is not likely to be going anywhere soon.

In short, buy and hold just doesn’t seem like a practical option anymore — investors need an arsenal of proven techniques to profit in today’s market.


Now, I’m far from the first or only one to say this. In fact, I’m reminded of a piece I saw in Forbes a few years back with the headline, “Wake Up! Buy and Hold Doesn’t Work.”

It was a call to action for investors to take an active role in managing their wealth rather than following pseudo advice like “buy and hold” or “buy low, sell high.”

Here’s my favorite line: “[Investors] need to take their life savings off auto-pilot and start dealing with what’s happening today.”

Those words hit home for me. Having grown up in a modest, working-class family, I’ve seen first-hand the difference even a small amount of financial knowledge can make in enriching a person’s life. It certainly has changed things for me.

In addition to actively managing my own money, I’ve made a career out of helping others do the same.

I’ve spent thousands of hours researching and analyzing a vast array of investment strategies. I’ve also helped perfect the market-beating strategies used in Profitable Trading’s premium newsletters, which we plan to offer access to in a whole new way…

As publisher of Profitable Trading, I see each and every trade recommendation from our analysts come across my desk. Starting next week, I plan to select my favorite ones and share them with you in Trade of the Week.

Each week, I’ll send you a different trade opportunity, using a different strategy.

Since the market is constantly changing, there isn’t a single trading strategy that consistently works better than others.

Sometimes the best way to make money is with a momentum stock that’s pulled ahead of its peers.

When the market is relatively flat, though, the best way to profit may be a technique that can turn a 3% stock move into a 91% gain.

Yet other times, the best technique is one that can generate an immediate $1,200 to $2,400 in a sideways market.

I’ll be sending you the top trading idea to exploit the market conditions that particular week. That means, no matter what is happening in the market, you’ll get detailed instructions on the very best way to profit.

There will be an educational component to Trade of the Week as well. Each of our analysts uses a different set of trading strategies that they’ve fine-tuned to bring about their financial success.

For example, Amber Hestla, a former military intelligence officer turned award-winning trading expert, boasts one of the most remarkable track records I’ve ever seen, delivering 128 winning trades out of 130 at last count — a 98% win-rate.

Tom Vician, a 20-year veteran of the financial industry, uses a proprietary momentum indicator to find solid companies whose stocks are ready to break out. Tom delivered 16 double-digit winners last year — despite the deteriorating market in the second half of 2015.

And Jared Levy, who started trading at 16 and was making $600,000 a year by the time he was 18. He retired from Wall Street at 28 and now shares the strategies that made him rich with everyday investors. A trade he recommended earlier this month delivered a 6,759% annualized return.

Trade of the Week will teach you the tools and strategies that made our analysts successful and provide you with a specific trade each week so you can implement them in your portfolio.

To receive the new Trade of the Week, you’ll need to sign up. Since this is technically a brand-new newsletter, we’ll have a new list.

When you sign up, we’ll also send you six reports:

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