Put the Odds in Your Favor With This Simple ‘Pro’ Trading Strategy

Think for a moment about a roulette wheel. A novice might say there are two colors: red and black. This is similar to the binary outcome of a regular stock trade: You bet it will either go up or down. That’s it.

But upon closer inspection, there are also a couple of green spots on the wheel. So if you make a bet that the wheel will land on black, you actually have less than a 50% chance of being right. The casino has improved its odds of winning to just over 50%, and is thus guaranteed to win over the long haul.

Now imagine if you could play just like the house does… tilting the odds in your favor so that you are practically guaranteed to come out ahead in the long run.


That’s exactly what our resident options guru Jared Levy does with his new project we’ve been telling you about for the past couple weeks.

Because it has to do with options, many novice investors may think it’s too risky or complicated. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

When amateurs wade into options trading, it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because they don’t have the self-restraint necessary use them like the pros do — to limit risk and maximize gains. 

Fortunately, Jared is offering to help (in fact, if it doesn’t work like we promise, Jared is willing to work for you for free).

A Sneak Peek at Jared’s ‘Secret’ Strategy

OK, so the big question is, how does Jared’s strategy stack the deck in your favor?

In a nutshell, this strategy uses a “combination” trade to gain a statistical advantage over the market. It’s a relatively simple strategy that involves using two options instead of one.

Specifically, you trade two options at the same time, but with different strike prices.

Here are more details from Jared:

One reason I like this strategy so much is that it employs a simple idea every trader is familiar with — buying something upfront and then trying to sell it for a higher price.

The goal is to sell the option combination for more than you paid, netting a profit — the same idea behind trading stocks.

But it’s much better, because as long as the stock’s price stays above a certain level (the higher of the two strike prices), we walk away with the maximum value.

Now get ready for a little dose of irony because Jared used this strategy to actually execute a trade on casino stock Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ: WYNN).

I used this strategy back in late October to capture a 26% gain from Wynn Resorts. Back then, shares of WYNN were trading for just under $67. I recommended a combination trade — two options, one with a strike price of $55 and the other with a strike price of $60 — that had a maximum value of $500. I also told readers that the most they should pay to enter this trade was $395.

The maximum profit we stood to make on this trade was $105 ($500 maximum value – $395 entry price). As long as WYNN stayed above $60 (the higher of the two strike prices), we’d generate a 26% gain in 19 days, or 511% annualized.

WYNN Stock

This means shares could go up, stay flat or even drop to $60 — an 11% fall — and we would still achieve our maximum profit with only $395 at risk. In the case of this WYNN trade, stacking the odds with the Wall Street Insider strategy propelled our win probability to over 72%.

As it happens, Wynn’s share price dropped 6.7%. 

But it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that it didn’t fall more than 11%.

WYNN Stock

Since it didn’t, anybody who made this trade pocketed a quick 26% gain in less than three weeks.

I’ll repeat that: With Jared’s new Wall Street “Insider” Secret strategy, he was able to make 26% on this trade in less than three weeks even though WYNN dropped 6%. 

In short, just like the roulette wheel and the green slots, Jared is showing his readers how to “rig the game” by dramatically improving the odds.

I will warn you that this strategy is not for those who want to bag triple-digit gains overnight. If you want to be foolish with your money, you can go somewhere else. This is designed to help you pocket 15% to 50% gains in about 30 to 60 days. And if you do this time and time again, you can easily triple your wealth — or more — in 2016.

That’s exactly what Jared and his followers have been doing over the past few months. Take a look at some of the trades they’ve made money on so far… 

— 25% from Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) in eight days
— 25% from Schlumberger (NYSE: SLB) in 19 days
— 33% from Yum Brands (NYSE: YUM) in 19 days
— 17% from Masco (NYSE: MAS) in 26 days
— 65% from the S&P 500 in 19 days

This is just a sneak preview of how Jared’s Wall Street Insider trading strategy works. You can get the full details in his special briefing, which recently went live.

You will definitely not want to miss it because our publisher will be giving away up to $1 million to folks who want to start using this trading strategy immediately.

That money will be yours to keep. You can use it for anything you’d like, including making your first trade. I encourage you to watch his video briefing where he talks in great detail about exactly how he’s able to stack the odds in your favor.