The Greatest Trading Book Ever Written

Inflation… inflation… inflation…

I don’t know about you, but it feels like I’ve had a Greek chorus on my shoulder this past year… all howling the inflation blues.

Unless you’ve been actively avoiding the news (and honestly, who’d blame you)… you’ve probably had the same group hanging around. It’s like inflation is all anyone can talk about!

And for good reason…

Inflation is legitimately a big stinkin’ deal right now.

A fresh Labor Department report hit the market last Wednesday, and according to their data wizards, the consumer price index rose 7% in December from a year ago, marking the fastest increase since June 1982, when inflation hit 7.1%.

Let me repeat that. Inflation hasn’t risen this fast since Rocky Balboa teamed up with Apollo Creed to take down Mr. T.

This rise in inflation has the Federal Reserve turning hawkish on the market, announcing that there will be at least three separate rate hikes throughout 2022.

Price increases were widespread… Energy prices are up 29.3% from last year. Gasoline, on average, costs 49.6% more than it did last year. Food prices have climbed 6.3% higher over the year, while used car and truck prices — a major component of the inflation increase — are up 37.3%. Shelter costs, which make up nearly one-third of the total increase, jumped 0.4% for the month and 4.1% year over year, the fastest pace since February 2007.

Rising prices mean one thing for all of us: Less money in our pockets… and the need to increase our income in any way possible.

Historically, the stock market has been a great hedge against inflation as it allows people to put their money to work for them, instead of letting their hard-earned dollars waste away in a savings account doing little to combat rising costs.

Not putting your money to work is doing yourself — and perhaps more importantly, your future — a giant disservice. The average return for the stock market has been 10% per year, but now you need at least a yearly return of 7% just to keep up with rising prices.

Unfortunately, high inflation has been walking hand in hand with high volatility. Which means that the most important time for people to be investing is also the “scariest” time for many.

…But only if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Experienced traders know how to trade this type of market environment. In fact, some of us even think this is the best time to trade.

For instance, when stocks started bleeding red this past Monday, the first thing I did was jump into an all-access trading room with my premium subscribers, where I started shouting out trades I was placing with my own money. We made money on every trade we opened, even closing the day up 50% on one position.

Look, you simply cannot afford to not sharpen your axe in this environment. Let us be the grindstone.

Over at Adam Mesh Trading Group, we are teaching our members how to trade in any market. But in an inflationary market such as this, the importance of being a disciplined, educated trader is paramount.

Success in trading starts by making the decision to humble yourself and become a student once again.

Learning to trade may appear like a daunting task. You may be telling yourself, “but I don’t know enough about the stock market,” which is exactly why so many people never get started in the first place.

That’s why today I’m offering you one of the greatest trading books ever… for FREE.

I’ve been trying very hard to introduce everyone I can to this masterpiece. It was far and away the best book I have ever read.

This is a book that transcends time and introduces the reader to concepts that can be applied to any market: past, present, and future.

At my old trading firm, the very first thing that any new trader had to do was read this book. They wouldn’t be allowed in the office if they hadn’t…

When I was struggling at the beginning, I read this book and it transformed my career.

Any time I have hit a bump in the road, I have read this book. In fact, I’ve taken this book and built an entire trading system around it.

For anyone who has any interest in trading, this is a must read. I would even recommend this for anyone interested in reading a great life story, as the lessons in this book go beyond trading and offer valuable life lessons.

There isn’t a person out there who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book, especially in this market environment. That’s exactly the reason I want to offer it to you.

If you would like to make sure that you receive one of the 147 copies available, then do it now.

This will be the best book you read this year. It’s the first step in your trading journey — one that will pay dividends (pun intended).

Your journey begins today…