Does The Market Have Another Ace Up Its Sleeve?

If present trends continue, or get even worse, it could mean a nasty loss for you and the other players.

Determining the Potential Return for Your Covered Call Trades

There is a simple way to calculate your potential profits, annualized return and amount of protection a covered call trade will afford you. Get the formula.

Fibonacci Retracements: A Rare Indicator That Forecasts the Timing of Reversals

While they can help define support or resistance, they are also one of the few tools that project precise time targets.

Amazon's Retail Takeover Isn't Target's Only Issue
Premium Content  | Jared Levy | June 23, 2017

Before departing on a recent cross-country trip, I happened to look inside a store I've avoided for many years. Unfortunately for Target, things have only gotten worse...

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